domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

New start

After a long time not feeling myself enough inspired for the photography and that kind of stuff I´m ready to restart my activity in some way... no, I think I would never try to follow the path of the fashion photography any more! I´m still proud of my previous interest and work on it but I had enough and seen too many disgusting behavior that I´m off in that way.
Anyway I really feel myself again on the road. I´m missing my analog cams and films sleeping far away at my parents´and can´t wait for the moment I´ll get there and bring them back with me to Edinburgh. I need to shoot. I need to create. I need to enjoy and show everybody the lovely things I´ve found at the other side of the sea.

The light has never been so shinny making the colors so soft around me and asking me for pressing the button and put them both into a squared peace of paper...

Simple stuff